If I die

Monday, March 14

By Julia Sbarretti

If I die please don't be sad

But rather smile for what I once was.

Think of me

Think of me as the one who always wore black

When everyone else was wearing white. 

Think of me again 

When you see me in the wood- 

-For this time I will be the one wearing white.

Think of me as the sun and think of me as the storm

For as much as I tried to be the light

I always ended up grey and pouring.

I do not ask much of this life

I only hope to have done something good

maybe even only once.

I do ask one thing of you, 

The first and last to read my word

To you I bear my soul, and ask-

Please don't let me be forgotten

for I was never scared of death

but of oblivion.

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