If We Had Five More Minutes

Friday, May 21

By Lane Bashline

The lights come up on the sweaty dance floor

Roses fill the room, mango and cologne scent fills the thick air 

tango music plays as the only people on the dance floor spin together 


The closer we get, the hotter her breath gets on my neck

She whispers in my ear

I have to go


I hold her hip, dancing to her melody

I tango as she brushes her hand against my face

A soft smooth tear falls down my cheek


I whisper

warm buttery words fall out 


I don’t want to say goodbye


I spin her around as she puts her fingers against mine

there's no real goodbye


As she pulls me close brushing her palms against my shoulder blades

I sigh

Can you please stay


I hold her close and open my teary eyes

Falling back onto my bed letting go of my damp pillow

She’s gone 


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