If you get vaccinated, you are making history

Tuesday, March 09

By Paloma Doti

If you get vaccinated, you´re making history

It's the first time in my life that I really believe in the phrase "We all must do our part" I have  always believed that it was ridiculous to think that the solution to the problems of a community could be solved with what each person does on their own. However, today, speaking of vaccines against covid 19, I disagree with myself.

Something exceptional is happening, and it is that now the solution doesn´t depend on angry kings, militaries with a thirst for power or corrupt governments: it depends on us. What your friend, your uncle or your neighbor does is going to be what defines whether or not there is a chapter in the history books called "The end of the pandemic." It is hopeful that we can do something. However, it is important to note that it depends on us. Yes, we all have to do our part, but a puzzle doesn't work if too many pieces are missing.

On a needle, a prick, a moment of gasping when the needle pierces the skin, depends, not only your future in particular, but that of all humanity. We don't need any college degree from Harvard Medical School or become an inflatable float, we can save lives by puncturing ourselves in the shoulder.
The covid took more than 2,600,000 lives around the world, more than 2,600,000 of dreams, of friends, family, promises. We cannot travel in time to warn them, science has not yet given us that possibility. But it does give us the chance to prevent the future and stop the count of people who are being killed by this virus. Let's take advantage of it.

Getting vaccinated today is the greatest act of generosity that  we can do. We are, literally, all in this together. And if you get vaccinated, you are helping everyone.

It is impressive to me to think how this fact mobilized us so much that so many vaccines emerged from so many places in a year and that most of them are also offered for free or at a price that is less than the cost of the production. It gives me a bit of faith in humanity to see all the effort made by so many scientists around the world so that the chapter in the history book called “The End of the Pandemic” will one day exist.

Whoever refuses to be vaccinated will not appear in any history book. And if it appears, it will not be like the hero. So, it depends only on you.

Do you want to do the greatest act of generosity?

 Do you want to be able to tell your grandchildren that we lived for a year and a half in a science fiction movie?

Do you want to make history?

Get vaccinated.


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