Introducing Crystals Into Your Everyday Life

Monday, February 15

By Cadance Horner

With the rise of "Witchtok" on the app Tiktok, there are loads of new witches searching for ways to advance deeper into witchcraft. Crystals are an easy way to incorporate your practice into daily life. Outside of witchcraft, gems are used universally for their healing powers (meaning you do not have to be a witch to use crystals or these practices).

Wearing crystal jewelry.

Crystals have been worn as jewelry since the beginnings of humankind. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Sumerians used crystals in countless ways for the benefits they bring. Personally, I wear a pointed Amethyst on a necklace every day and use it as my pendulum! Doing this forms a strong bond between me and my pendulum but also brings me the calming vibrations that Amethyst provides. Wearing real crystal jewelry connects you to the spiritual realm as you move throughout the day. The crystal(s) you choose to wear is 100% up to you. Choosing what gem can be as easy as looking at a group of options and choosing the one you are most drawn to.

Carrying crystals with you.

Similar to wearing jewelry, carrying crystals with you keeps you connected to the spiritual realm as you go about your normal day. This could mean keeping a crystal in your purse, backpack, or even your pocket. Small tumbled stones could easily fit in your pocket or bigger, raw stones in your bag! Obsidian is a gem I always carry; anytime I feel myself straying away from my intentions, I take the Obsidian out of my bag and hold it in my hands to ground and rebalance myself.

Incorporating crystals in self care

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using crystals in your self care routine. Using a real crystal face roller gives you skin to crystal contact; which is AMAZING for connecting to the energy of the gem. You can also bring your clean, water safe crystals into the bath with you! Drop a few tumbled Rose Quartz and Amethyst in the water to envelope yourself in the calming vibrations of the water and gems. You can also do this with the water you use to wash your face!

Meditating with crystals

The most common way of incorporating crystals into your daily life is through meditation! You can meditate holding crystals that resonate with the meditation session's intent or use whatever gem feels right! Experimentation is key; you won't feel much of anything from one crystal but the next one you could feel the energy of the crystal course throughout your entire body with just a touch. If you don't know what crystal to start with, I recommend Amethyst; it helps clear your headspace and creates a calming enviornment! You can also place the crystals on your body! Each chakra has stones that correspond with it; to heal a specific chakra place a corresponding crystal where the chakra resides in the body. For example, to heal your "third eye" or "sixth" chakra, meditate with Amethyst, Obsidian, or Purple Fluorite on your sixth chakra placement. Having a healthy "third eye" chakra gives you clarity and allows you to see the bigger picture. 

Using crystals as decoration

Crystals are popularly used as decoration in meditation and yoga studios, but their beauty is not the only reason. The vibrations crystals provide shifts the energy of a room, providing a sense of ease. You in no way have to buy the expensive, big chunks of crystal. Just having a small gem hidden or on display works just fine! Rose Quartz in the "heart of the home" to bring a peaceful and loving enviornment. Citrine in the rear, left side of the house to attract health, wealth and happiness. Black Tourmaline at the threshold of the house to create a division between your home and the outside world. Smoky Quartz on a windowsill to direct negative energy away, giving protection and a sort of "invisibility cloak." Obsidian in the entrance way to cleanse and clear your home by deflecting all negative energy and sending it back to where it came from. Amethyst in the living room to define boundaries, reduce anxiety and bring a sense of control and assertion of authority. (Crystals and their uses info all from here.)

Sleeping with crystals.

Sleeping with crystals keeps you connected to the spiritual realm as you rest while providing a much better sleep. Just placing a few small pieces under your pillow (maybe in a bag so they don't get lost) works! You can use Amethyst to relieve anxiety by asserting boundaries and objectivity. Charoite to treat sleep walking and irregular sleep patterns. Labradorite clears worries and fears that disrupt sleep. Smoky Quartz to ground and protect you from nightmares. Obsidian gently transmutes negative energy, freeing the mind and heart of disturbance. Rose Quartz calms any emotions that prevent a peaceful sleep. (Crystals and their uses info all from here.)

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