Is the Internet hindering our creativity?

Friday, February 05

By Shea Berkhouse

In today’s world, everything is available at the click of a button. Streaming services make it so easy to watch, read, or listen to whatever we want, whenever we want. Which leads to my question; Is the internet hindering our creativity? The short answer: it’s complicated. 

With the Internet we are able to support other creators by supplying feedback, by buying their artwork, or by streaming their services. These can all be great resources for creatives to gauge what people like and have a starting point in their work. Hell, even teachers use the Internet to find worksheets or example lesson plans for their classes, which probably makes their stressful job all the easier. 

Artists are able to look up references without having to leave their studio, which can be extra useful during these hard times. But, there is the issue that people will steal the work of someone else and claim it as their own. And, with how fame works, by chance that stolen work could become more famous than the original. How many songs have been sampled? How many drawings have you seen that look the same or have a similar concept? 

I’m not trying to hate on the Internet. I use it everyday and have probably become a little too reliant on it myself. Hell, I even looked up ideas on what to write about before I came up with this idea right here. Without having everything available at my fingertips, I don’t know if I could survive. I literally have to use my GPS all the time. If I had to read an actual map, I don’t think I would get anywhere, that’s for sure. 

The Internet is so efficient and time saving compared to having to search through stacks and stacks of books at the library. But, what is the cost to all of this free knowledge? Will we all become mindless zombies with no original thoughts? My advice, take everything with caution and don’t just jump on every idea you see online. Maybe try to put your own twist on those brilliant ideas that you have found during your research. Or keep researching and scouring those random corners until something sparks inside of you. Please let me know what you think. 

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