Jealousy is a Nasty Feeling

Friday, April 17

By Laura Stevanović

There are a lot of situations where the jealousy can be observed and sometimes intentionally overlooked, which is why I think it's an important topic to talk about, since everyone gets to be a part of it in some way: maybe we're being the jealous one or someone is jealous of us

There are a lot of aspects to jealousy so I will just share my point of view and share some examples that have happened to me as well.

1) Jealousy towards people who are (in our minds) more successful than us

This is probably the most common scenario of jealousy, which is felt towards the people that are the same age as us and are (in are our minds) more successful than us. But that's just the problem, the truth is that in those cases it's not that you're jealous of their achievements; it's a sign that you're not happy with the way you are. No matter how much you'll be to those people, how much you'll talk behind their backs, the jealousy will stop the instant that you'll start being grateful for your life and start working on it, because if you aren't grateful for things as they are now, you can't wish for them to change by themselves.

2) Jealousy between siblings

This varies from family to family, making it hard for me to generalize, but the only thing that I would say is: you are you and you should never feel uncomfortable in your own skin because each person in this world is unique by something, so work on that and don't try to change in any case for anyone!

3) Between partners

There are a lot of things that can make partners jealous, but remember that a little jealousy is healthy and usually brings us even closer and more open, but when it goes overboard, it becomes toxic (Read my article on toxic relationships here).

Here are some examples of jealousy that I have seen

- Jealousy of a child (stepmother/stepfather not accepting a child from their partner and treating them wrongly)

- Jealousy of your partner's friends of the opposite sex (that goes for examples where the other person has never cheated. If they did, the jealousy is reasonable since the other person is not the most comfortable and trusting)

- Jealousy of accomplishments (it's sad, but a lot of times in relationships, partners don't support each other, but do the opposite and drive their partners away with that kind of behavior)

There are many ways to spot jealousy, but at the end of the day jealousy is nothing more than a feeling, meaning it can be usually fixed if both sides decide to have a communicate and explain how and why they are feeling that way and agree to work together on it.

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