Just In Case You Forgot: Nikkie Tutorials Deserves Some Love

Friday, October 11

By Andrea Nolen

I feel like we've all forgotten a little bit about Nikkie Tutorials. I mean, of course we know who she is. However, unless you're a diehard fan, when was the last time you actually watched one of her videos? I'm here to remind you of her excellence. Trust me, this isn't sponsored. Nikkie wouldn't even think about sponsoring a sixteen-year-old from Nevada. I just felt like showing off the skills of the one and only Glow Mother.

I mean, WOW! The blending, the liner, the way she was able to keep the colors from looking muddy. Not only that, but can we talk about her ability to match her eye looks with the perfect lipstick shade? Ugh, I can't.

Nikkie, you didn't have to snap this hard, but we honestly aren't complaining. I love everything about this cloud look. It's majestic, it's dreamy looking, but above all things, it's yet again matched with a gorgeous lip color.

Now that I feel we're on the same page, let's all start watching Nikkie Tutorials again. The community hasn't been nice to her lately. As was resurfaced in the recent Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star episode, Nikkie lost a lot of her credibility when she collaborated with Too Faced. Needless to say, they totally screwed her over. It's even been heard from Nikkie herself that TooFaced switched the formula on her. So, while everyone was hating her eyeshadow pallet and giving it negative reviews, she had an awesome pallet with super buttery and blendable colors. Nikkie worked so hard on this pallet and that would honestly explain why her looks with it were so pretty and every other YouTuber's were crappy.

Let's all thank Ariana Grande for creating someone like Jeffree Star because his exposé of the company could honestly be the push Nikkie Tutorial needs to get her view count up again. I mean, we knew the creator was a trash person when he called Jeffree Star cosmetics "clown makeup" and started beef for no reason, but now we  KNOW  know. You know?

So guys, why not start watching her again? Why not subscribe? She's the best blender on earth. She literally used to be the biggest beauty YouTuber, but now I hardly even hear her mentioned. Anyways, thanks for letting me go on a rant and here's another reminder that Nikkie is amazing at makeup.

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