Justice For Breonna Taylor

Thursday, June 25

By Andrea Nolen

Breonna Taylor, from Louisville, Kentucky, was 26 from when she tragically lost her life due to police brutality. She was an emergency medical technician, a job that does a great service to our citizens. Three LMPD police officers were performing a no-knock search warrant to try to bust a drug house that was more than ten miles away from Breonna's house. The officers weren't in their proper uniforms and did not tell them they were the police. Naturally, Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker and the officers had a gun battle due to Kenneth believing they were intruders. Again, the officers did not announce who they were which led to Kenneth assuming his home was in danger. As the guns were being shot, an officer shot Breonna eight times in her back. No drugs were found in their apartment. This interaction was completely the policemen's fault. So why have the officers not been arrested? Why has Breonna Taylor not received justice?

On June 1, the chief of the police apartment was fired for unfortunately shooting David McAtee. The Louisville mayor has since suspended the use of no-knock warrants, but this isn't enough. We don't want just firing and a change in law, we want her murderers to be put in jail. What they did was completely inappropriate. Why aren't we giving Breonna the same energy we gave George Floyd. Was it because it wasn't caught on camera? Because she's a woman? Protesters worldwide have been demanding her murderers be fired and criminally charged, but the state of Kentucky has yet to do so. For weeks, Breonna Taylor's case went unnoticed. People weren't outraged enough. Until one day Shaun King posted about it on his Instagram, resulting in a public outcry. This unfortunately has not been enough and her family has continued to grieve over the death of their beloved Breonna.

So what can we do to support her? Sign petitions and donate. This is exactly what we did in order to give Floyd justice and we should do the same for Breonna and the other victims of police brutality. If you can't protest, educate your community through social media. It's the least we can do for Breonna and her family.

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