Khmer Rouge: American Edition

Sunday, June 28

By Nhi

Before the pandemic, I hated how the world viewed Americans as all dumb and loud. Now, I hate how the dumb and loud Americans are fucking it up for the rest of us.

Thanks to white-trash imbeciles, who refuse to wear masks because they think it's political, the USA has managed to jump into its second wave of Covid-19 cases without even a 'Kit-Kat break' from its first wave. America managed to flatten the curve - the wrong way. 

As if that wasn't bad enough, they worship a racist, rapist con-man of a President who has put both our democracy and the CDC in a chokehold. White terrorists have infiltrated our judicial system and have made our law enforcement its bitch. Any Karen or Amy can call the cops and have a black person executed, no questions asked. Forget Civil War II, our racially charged police-state is starting to look like the American version of the Khmer Rouge. 

The Khmer Rouge was the communist party in the mid-1970s of Cambodia that commited genocide. It sought to eradicate intellectuals and ethnic minorities in the name of a self-declared master race. (Sound familiar?) The moronic brutes had such fragile egos that they even killed people who wore glasses because they 'looked' smarter. (Similar to our asinine white supremacists who target people who are smart enough to wear masks.) Unfortunately, the 'good and smart' population of Cambodia did not prevail. They were slaughtered or enslaved to work on farms. (Ring a bell?) A neighboring country, Vietnam, had to intervene and invade Cambodia for the genocide to end.

If the 'good and smart' people of the United States don't join forces as a Union, we may repeat Cambodia's history and not ours. Land of the Free may become Land of White Supremacism. United States of America may become United States of the Confederacy. Black people will be hunted for sport. Old people will be sacrificed for the economy. Women's bodies will be more governed than guns. Children will be taught the "War of Northern Aggression," instead of the Civil War. (Basically, if Nazis retold World War II.)

To be honest, that sounds like right now! Have we lost? Has the South slowly risen like the second coming of Judah? Maybe if we plead, Canada will invade us before Russia does.

Or, maybe a foreign power has already corrupted our government and leader. America has the most Covid-19 cases and deaths in the world. As long as white supremacists continue to oppress science and minorities, no American can truly breathe, black or not.

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