Why the "Convoy of Freedom" is about anything but

Tuesday, February 01

By Lisa Porter

The convoy of Canadian truckers that have stopped in Ottawa in protest against vaccine mandates and public health regulations claim they deserve to have a choice on getting vaccinated or not. But, is the so-called "freedom convoy" really about freedom or is it about a bunch of whiny entitled people who are stomping their feet because they are not getting their way?

On January 15, it became mandated that all Canadian cross-border essential workers which of course includes the truckers, have to show proof of vaccination at a port of entry to avoid strict testing requirements and quarantine.

Even though most of the truckers in Canada are vaccinated there is a rough estimate of about 15% that are affected by this. So, last week, truckers from all over Canada headed to the nation's capital. A GoFundMe account dedicated to the truckers raised over $6 million dollars to go towards lodging, gas and food for the truckers who have said they will not leave their spots from outside the House of Commons in downtown Ottawa until the mandate is changed 

In my opinion, this is hardly about freedom. Canada is probably one of the best countries to live in and these privileged people want to talk about having no freedom? I can't even begin to describe the level of ignorance that goes into that.

No one and I mean no one wants this pandemic to continue. We are ALL tired. 

We ALL want things to go back to normal. So how can people truly believe this is the way to move things along?

What started as a protest by the truckers fighting against new mandates, has now been evolved into something else entirely now that extremists have piggybacked onto this protest. It has now become about the Canadian government as a whole and how they want to get rid of it altogether. As of today, 91% of Canadians have at least one shot of the vaccine, with that being said, there were an estimated 18,000 people protesting the first weekend it started. Many of the people are fully vaccinated and believe in the vaccines but are still declaring that there should be no vaccine mandates, so is this an issue that you can be on both sides of the fence with? That's a much bigger conversation. 

All I see when I look at this convoy are selfish people who don't care about the disruptions to people's daily lives this ridiculous protest has caused as it has completely taken over an area where businesses operate, causing all of the businesses in that area to close down. Not to mention the risk they are putting immunocompromised people at when they march inside public places ignoring the mask mandates thinking it is ALL about them. 

How can you fight against science? How can you fight against something that is going to serve us all for the better in the long run?

You don't want the government to have more control over you by agreeing to the vaccine? Sorry to say, but the government is going to control you one way or the other, no matter what you cry about so why not comply with the rules? Rules that are supposed to help the world get back to normal. Why ignite unnecessary unrest in an already troubled time? 

The people a part of this protest are only making things worse for everyone. This is not the Canada we all know and love. It can't be.  

We all need to come together in support of science, in support of helping our bodies be able to fight off the virus without intense medical attention. Why would we want to overwhelm healthcare workers any more than they already are?

Getting vaccinated and listening to the mandates is what is better for all of us, it will help us
get back to a normal closer than what we are seeing now.

Shouldn't that be what we are striving for? 

I believe in using our voices. I believe in protests that fight for the greater good, to fight injustices, this protest however does not fall into either of those categories. God forbid, we have to get a vaccine that will help us fight against a deadly virus during a pandemic, how dare they make us protect ourselves!  Good grief.

Let's take away all the freedom these protestors think we don't have in this country and I bet my life savings, the people yelling about having no freedom now, will be begging for it back.








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