Languages - How They Knit Us Together

Sunday, April 05

By Hafsa Ahmed

Language is the key to success. Human beings are the only species who require languages to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

All the species of the same group have only few common sounds to perform some limited functions such as searching for prey and alerting for danger. But human beings converse in thousands of languages, million words and non-exhausted ideas. And for that reason man requires different languages. Every language has its own peculiarities but one thing is common i.e.  communication.

According to Sapir Whorf Theory, the development of the nation depends on the development of language. Nations can only be developed through rich language because a rich language provides multiple forward-looking ideas. It can be observed that all the developed countries have very developed languages, therefore it is vital that the country and the nation not only develop their language but also learn other languages, in this way they can also acquire the knowledge of modern world in less time. It is again important to mention that all the countries of the developed world consist of a multilingual society encourage students to learn more than two other languages as well as their own language.

There are millions of people, thousands of languages and uncountable stories. Languages help us in infinite communication, it is extremely beneficial for story writers, people who seek for stories to tell, to show the world that uniqueness exists in every nook and cranny. We get to explore various ways in expressing ourselves through words.

We humans also find unique ways to communicate. A village in Turkey, Kuşköy, uses an unusual way of interacting, they named the language “Bird-Language” as it resembles the chirping melodious sounds of birds. It has been going on for 400 years and the locals of the village have taken measures to protect this unique way of communication, they teach their children in the village schools. Every alphabet, every word is “pronounced” in a peculiar way.

“Halil Cindik, head of the Kuskoy Bird Language Association, demonstrates his technique for whistling Turkish words and phrases. The piercing tones can be heard a mile or more away, depending on conditions. Cindik says an annual festival is helping to keep the whistled language alive, but the spread of cellphones is causing villagers to abandon it”.

Like different species, we humans travel through the world for various reasons, mostly like to travel to discover the world and uncover the curtains of new knowledge and let its sunlight engulf them in its rays.

It is due to the existence of languages that we feel more connected to each other. It has knitted us together in many ways where we are able to engage ourselves in other societies and are able to help one another.

In some technologically advanced countries, it is mandatory to learn more than two languages from the school level to university level. Therefore, key to success lies in learning languages.

By learning new languages, we are exposed to different cultures of different societies. It expands our way of thinking instead of limiting it, we get inspired by others, influenced by their way of living and standards, we try to improvise our own culture by adopting a few traits of the other culture.


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