Leaving the Comfort Zone

Monday, July 13

By Sydney Jackson

I remember the first time I ever tried plant-based food. I was at a restaurant with my family and at the time I wanted to make better lifestyle choices regarding my diet. Instead of choosing my go-to order which was a burger and fries with a large soda, I decided to try something called a black bean burger. It was the same as a regular burger but instead of beef, it contained black beans and other vegetarian ingredients. It was something completely out of my comfort zone and I never thought that I would enjoy anything like it. After my first bite, I wanted to try all kinds of vegetarian/vegan foods. From that day forward, I decided to cut down on all meat and dairy and incorporate more vegetables into my meals. My overall health changed drastically and I started to feel less bloated after eating. 

Another instance of when I left my comfort zone was when I performed at my high school's talent show. I was known as the nice, smart, quiet girl at my school who spent most of her time alone and didn't really talk to anyone. Nobody, except for my friends and parents knew that I liked to sing so telling people that I was gonna be performing in the talent show came as a surprise. I was a sophomore at the time, and in my school they had separate shows for each grade level. Unfortunately, due to audio issues, my grade level's show had to be cut short and I didn't get to perform in front of my class. I was moved over to the junior class show. It was the first time in six years that I had performed in front of people so naturally, I was nervous. However, all of those nerves dissipated once I opened my mouth. The juniors were so supportive and were singing along and clapping while I was performing. After getting off that stage, I felt like I could do anything. No one told me to sign up for the show, I made the decision and wanted to get out of my natural timid habits. I felt like I was walking on air that day.

I say these things to say that sometimes leaving your comfort zone to try something new is beneficial. Not only to your growth as a human but also to introduce yourself to things you may have never thought to try. It is not easy and can feel terrifying but once you acknowledge that fear and do it anyway, you can do anything. 

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