Life as a High Schooler in 2019

Thursday, December 19

By Aahana Chowdhuri

Life is full of routine. As much as we try to free ourselves from them, we do end up mired in more monotony than we can handle. I write down my routine, in hopes of coming to terms with the fact that my life is not nearly as adventurous as I hope. And so I present to you, lovely readers:

Life as a High Schooler in 2019

7:22 AM: I urge myself awake (if I even fell asleep in the first place). I try to rub the sleep out of my eyes as my head pounds. I'm glad I took a later schedule. I don't know how I would have survived if I took early. I take a quick look at my phone. I have some time.  Just a few more minutes to stop my head from hurting.  When I open my eyes, it's

7:52 AM: Shit!  I throw myself out of bed. Run to the bathroom, run to the sink, pull together some uncoordinated outfit. Who cares, I'm not going to take this hoodie off anyways.  I grab my homework and head downstairs to begin stuffing everything into my behemoth of a backpack. It's only this fat because of the history textbook. I'm tired of carrying it every day. My calculator flies from my arms and lands on the tiles with an undignified CLASH! I'm jolted awake. I barely have time to grab my breakfast off the counter. 

8:00 AM: I step out of the house. Keys in the lock, earbuds in my ears, feet without socks. Today feels like a Dionysus type of day.  I consider this to be one of the calm parts of my day. The wintry air keeps my mind alert and I'm not bogged down by the worries of school just yet. I always get stuck walking behind this line of three guys who walk at speeds that match that of the automated chair lifter thing that Carl uses in UP. Thankfully, one of them walks slightly faster than the others, and I'm able to muscle my way past them.

8:27 AM: I end up in my second period AP bio class. Everyone's still very sleep-deprived, and no one seems to even be present in the class. As much as I love biology as a subject, there's something about that class that just puts me to sleep. It's probably because I never woke up in the first place. I manage to stay awake for as long as possible. The individual unit of the DNA when it coils up during prophase is called a chromosome, and when they combine, multiple chromosomes are called...chromosomes??  Then, at that point, the individual units are called chromatids?? Remember, the two parts of the 'X' are sister CHROMATIDS, but two of the 'X' make homologous CHROMOSOMES. It's too much for me this early in the morning.  Maybe if I close my eyes, the class will go by faster. I bet it'll be 8:45 when you open them. 

8:23 AM: Oh come on! How is that even possible??

9:15 AM: Finally! The bell rang! Oh wait, AP bio is two class periods long. 

10:15 AM: At last, I am released from AP biology. I walk with my friend. She's tall and warm. Gives the best hugs, too. She gives me one of her airpods. We listen to some BTS on Spotify before an advertisement in Portuguese interrupts us. My friend group is hidden amongst all the tall Indian guys that have taken over our spot. Because the grass is wet and muddy!  People come and go. Everyone's worried about Lit, or APUSH, or Calc, or something or the other. Carrying books and projects, testing each other on vocab and doing assignments on each other's back. Fifteen minutes isn't enough.     

11:00 AM: Spanish time. No tengo mucho trabajo en esa clase, así que siempre estoy hablando de Lit. No aprendemos mucho, pero las pruebas son difíciles.

11:45 AM: Fifth period AP Literature. Our teacher's pretty much gone, and the whole class is a wreck. No one knows what's going to happen to us, and we can't seem to come to a conclusion on what can be done. I barely hang onto a decent grade. The AP exam looms over my head, drooling onto my essay. It can smell fear.

12:30 PM: LUNCH!! I can eat something! If I don't have any club meetings, test retakes, quizzes to study for, prior obligations, or undone homework left. During lunch, my friend's conversations stay stuck about school. We lend money and eat each other's snacks as we worry about our classes. Once in a blue moon, we talk about politics for the whole 30 minutes. We all come out feeling pretty somber after those days. Sometimes when I don't feel like conversing, I check out what's going on online. I show the especially stupid yet utterly hilarious memes with my friends. 

1:25 PM: History. My worst class. It's not even an AP. Everything is so stoic in that class. Whatever I do to try and bring my grade up, it just never goes anywhere. It's hard to accept defeat.

2:15 PM: AP Calculus! My favorite class. I never thought I'd be the type to enjoy math, but my teacher shows us the beauty of it. The class is loud and bubbly, and I find myself turning around and chatting with the people behind me. Although sometimes the problems get hard, I try my best to solve them.

3:00 PM: I'm finally home. I get so tired that I plop right next to my bed (no outside clothes on the bed!). The day finally hits me, and I check schoolloop to see my homework for the night. It's a lot. I'm just considering taking a long nap when I realize. I have to go to volunteering! 

3:25 PM: I'm at my elementary school, sitting with my go-to study buddy. She's got a wild imagination and talks a mile per minute. She reminds me of myself when I was younger and full of energy. Why are you acting like you're about to die from old age?  She tells me about Mexican swords and chocolate-loving cousins, her love of writing and how she knows she can't mess up otherwise NO COLLEGE! She's only in fourth grade.

4:00 PM: I'm home! And I'm hungry. I finish my lunch as I watch cooking videos with my sister. One day I'll learn how to cook. He messages me. One of the things I love most about him is how fast he replies. I still don't know what we are. Things are complicated between us for sure. Maybe one night we'll figure it out. 

5:30 PM: Homework and music time! Let's see how long we can go without getting distracted.

5:32 PM: I wrote my name on this paper. I deserve a break. 

6:00 PM: Mom's home. I hope she's feeling okay.

7:00 PM: This is too much. Are they even going to check all this?

7:12 PM: Oh god I forgot I have a bio test AND calc quiz tomorrow. I'll study when I finish homework.

7:41 PM: This is taking longer than expected. 

9:30 PM: Dinner! Time for some much-needed bonding with my mom and sister. Oh wait. I've messed up again. Time for a lecture.

11:11 PM: Thankfully she kept it short. The thoughts are coming back again. Gotta keep them at bay. Maybe he'll help?

11:12 PM: How has he already fallen asleep?  Anyways, this homework isn't going to finish itself. 


12:04 AM: Someone's messaging me on the SAT server again. I can't help them now. 

12:54 AM: Does this homework ever end??

1:20 AM: Finally I'm done! Now I have to study for bio and calc! Yay!

1:25 AM: It's kind of dark and quiet here.

1:27 AM: Were those footsteps?

1:30 AM: It's lonely. I'm a little scared

1:33 AM: I miss my dad. Why am I crying?

2:12 AM: the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. I hate myself! my cellf. haha, do you get it? 

3:30 AM: What's a limit again?

3:58 AM: Hey you know what's a good idea? Let's look at the Wikipedia page for unusual deaths. Surely nothing bad can happen, right?

4:01 AM: Oh my god he got stabbed on the toilet by an assassin. I can't sleep tonight.

4:11 AM: Hey, remember the fact that you're a writer and you have a book published? Yeah, are you ever going to do that again? I think you should. Just maybe. 

4:20 AM: I'm a little tired. Maybe if I prop my head up with my hand and sleep for five minutes. I'll be sure to wake up!

7:55 AM: Shit!


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