7 tips that could help with depression and anxiety during these trying times

Monday, November 29

By Lisa Porter

The feeling of doom is something we are starting to accept as an everyday feeling these days. With the news of a new varient of Covid-19 that has already spread to a few countries and the fear of travel bans so close to Christmas, many people are feeling the despair increasing as this new way of life doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

Depression and anxiety seem to be at an all time high for the younger generation even before this pandemic swept the world. So, it only seems a given that depression has risen over the past 2 years. Is there an end in sight? Probably not. Like the flu, this will be something that everyone has to get their yearly shot for.

Despite the fact that the world has become even more divided with the vaccinated against the non-vaccinated, one thing we all seem to forget is that we are ALL going through these trying times together and thousands of us if not more, are feeling the dark effects. 

  According to a survey done online by the CDC, people 18 to 24 are more likely to suffer from mental health issues during this time than any other age group. A big part of why this age group in particular is feeling the effects the most is because young adult brains are wired for new experiences and that need is not being met. Instead of having a high school prom, students had to sit at home and do it virtually, instead of packing up and moving into a college dorm, they were doing online classes from their bedroom. New and exciting jobs that await us as we enter adulthood are now in the form of online. These are all rites of passages that so many people look forward to so not having those same experiences that thousands of others before them have had is unsettling. Pair that with the fact that these young adults and really everyone are feeling like these years are being wasted and we will never be able to get them back and you are left with a cocktail of anxiety and depression.

So, what's the solution? What's the remedy? I wager there isn't one. Not really.

The pandemic isn't going anywhere, either is depression. But, there are things to do, ways to help tthat will make life more bearable, easier to manage and dare I say, happier? For all age groups.

Managing your depression and anxiety is not always a one size fits all method, but these little tips and tricks could definitely be a starting block to help.

1. Get up and go to bed regularly (having a set sleeping schedule and keeping to a routine is an amazing way to feel in control and rested.)

2. Eat healthy meals at regular times (just like with having a set sleeping schedule, eating at the same time every day when possible helps keep balance and order which is a stress reliever, which in turn can help with anxiety.)

3. Try to limit your newsfeed intake (if you're someone who likes spending a few hours watching the news or reading Facebook articles, consider limiting that to only an hour a day.)

4. Stay in contact (social contact is very important especially during these times when being actually social is something that is restricted right now. Try emailing or texting some friends everyday just to chat.)

5. Stay on top of personal hygiene (seriously, washing your face daily, having a shower, and/or brushing your hair can make a world of difference. Even dressing up just to hang out at the house puts you in a better mood. Put on those fancy earrings and cute shirt to sit on the couch and go through emails, you'll be surprised at how good it feels.)

6. Physical exercise (this one is definitely easier said than done but you'll thank yourself later once you force yourself to do a little bit each day.)

7. Focus on what you can accomplish in the next minute, hour or day. (even if it is something small like reading another chapter of that book you've been slacking off on, it will give you a feeling of accomplishment.)

These steps may seem small and insignificant to some, but taking a first step to try and make yourself feel better is better than not trying anything. Times are tough, life is weird and just rolling with the punches may seem a hard thing to do but, we are all in this together and we need to share with eachother our advice on how to manage difficult days so we can all still be here when (not if) the world starts to right itself again.

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