Looking at the News

Monday, March 09

By Aahana Chowdhuri

Every morning as I’m eating my breakfast (or rather, stuffing it in my mouth because I’m late), I like to check out the news. I do this for several reasons: one, because it prevents me from getting sucked into an endless void of scrolling on Instagram; two, because it feels good to contribute to the conversations at my lunch group; and three, because it sobers me up. Yes, when I’ve awakened from my few hours of rest, feeling somewhat spiffy, I like to look at a depressing spiral of news articles. 

Why do I do this to myself? It’s because I chose to carry the burden that comes with being aware of the world around us. 

The saying “ignorance is bliss” is strikingly true. There’s a sense of unperceived peace that comes with being privy to the affairs of the world. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the saying that “knowledge is power”. When you are aware of something, you gain the ability to act upon it and to use the information to your advantage. This is why in dystopian societies in literature, information is heavily controlled. With knowledge comes the ability to challenge and change the status quo.

Knowledge and awareness of the world come at a price, and it’s easy to simply overlook what’s going on in favor of living a life inside a bubble. However, you relinquish your capability to have power and control over a situation when you choose to be ignorant.

So, which path would you take?

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