Love Thy Neighbor

Tuesday, July 21

By Allison Kephart

In a world surrounded by ignorance and hate, it is so easy to feel defeated. It's hard to understand why evil lives in people's hearts, and why religious groups and different organizations use their voices for the wrong reasons. It's difficult to wrap your head around everything going on in the world and what to make of it.

Having faith in an ever-loving God, a genderless being that created us in their image, a forgiving Lord that gave you the free will to choose! Yet, there are religious people that walk this Earth and use a book as a weapon on those who are not like them. They say that these believers and sinners are not doing the Lord's work; they can't be a true believer unless they follow the same rules and lifestyles as they follow. If you look different than these righteous believers then you just aren't good enough. Nothing anyone can do will be good enough for those 'traditionalists'. The book of God, Bible, or any religious text is most certainly up to interpretation- there IS room to pick and choose what to focus on, we are only human. Do not be the hypocrites for which He speaks, God, Allah, the wind that blows through the trees, whatever you believe in, and whatever imagery represents the faith you hold. All have been welcomed, and all sinners have a home here. Those who have hate, distrust, or any phobia against another human begin are the true sinners.

Some say tattoos are a sinful body modification, mutilation even. However, what God wants you to know that you were not a mistake and to understand that you were created for a reason. You don't need to change your body, your face, or anything to be better- because you are already made perfectly imperfect. Yet, those outspoken religious people forget that they are only in control of their own bodies and not anyone else's. Some say drinking and gambling are sins; however, we pick and choose our battles every day, and if we play our cards right we can make a difference in this world. Some say abortion is a sin, but the most important thing some forget is that the life of the mother, a living and breathing person's life should matter more than a few cells, her life should matter more than a rapist, than the cancer that could kill her, than her choice. The Bible says in Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge or you too will be judged".

There are millions of quotes from the Bible that say to love and care for others, to be open-minded and do as God would. There are also just as many quotes that could be and are interpreted in a way that can seem cold and closed off. An explanation of why women are seen as less than, or people of color are not worthy. The Bible is up to interpretation and if you have hate in your heart you will see hate on the pages of your book. Nowhere in my faith does it say that hating a man because they wear makeup and like to wear dresses is justified. Nowhere in my faith does it say white people are better than any other race because none of the men that wrote the stories in the Bible were white. Nowhere in my faith does it say that I am allowed to hate Jewish people because "they killed our king". NOWHERE in faith does it say to hate thy neighbor if they don't water their grass every weekend and their daughter is dating a black trans man.  

No one should be afraid to speak their truth, I should not be afraid to speak my own. God forgive them for they know not what they do. 

I want the world to know that God is there for them. They can create a faith that fits their lifestyle because God comes in all shapes and sizes, as long as you love fully and do work that would make Him proud. Be kind and giving, help those who need a hand, and do not be afraid to ask for help yourself. Beliving in something can save your life. It doesn't need to be a man you can't see, it doesn't have the be nature, it doesn't have to be anything but some sort of force more significant than all of us on Earth. It can be whatever you want, just know that there is SOMETHING out there looking out for you. 

I stand with you. 

I believe you. 

I see you.

I love you. 

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