Making Art: A Guide to Overcoming Art Block

Saturday, November 30

By Nichole Sierra

I'm an artist. And so are you. Whether you draw, sing, act, or dance, we all have our own form of art that truly brings out oue inner artist. We all have our own styles when it comes to developing and making art, but what happens when you hit a wall in the middle of creating an amazing project? When all the thoughts just overflow and you can’t figure out what to do anymore? This is something both beginners and pros often face. It’s commonly known as “art block” and can be a big pain to deal with. So whether you just started yesterday or have been making art for ten years, here are a few tips to get rid of that irritating art block that’s been stopping you from getting that awesome project done!

1. Listen to music

Music is a great way to unwind and find inspiration for any project you work on. Whether it be the lyrics, melody, or beat that inspires you, it can ease your mind and give a little idea for whatever you create.

2. View other artists’ works

Okay, theres a difference between plaigarizing and copying others’ artwork and getting inspiration. DO NOT TRACE OR DIRECTLY IMMITATE OTHERS ARTWORK! Try looking at how some parts are made or how certain details are added or lessened. Try getting inspiration from art styles too, but DO NOT COPY IT!

3. Take a Break

Sitting down at your work desk can really tire you out, spending what could be a couple hours just sat staring at paper or a screen. Take a break every now and then to lessen the feeling of stress or irritation while working. And, if you don’t focus on work, ideas can naturally come to you! Grab a snack or drink, or just leave what you’re doing for a few days. A new idea is bound to come naturally.

4. Do something else

Instead of taking hours focused on whatever you’re doing, do something else you enjoy. Maybe you like to watch something, make small doodles, or play an instrument. Do something else that isn’t your main project. You can unwind and get some inspirations from whatever else you’ll do.

5. Sleep

Energize yourself! You’re probably tired so take a nap, or just put off whatever you’re doing. SLEEP. IS. IMPORTANT. Make sure you don’t start a project tired either, cause you would just be cranky and irritated while you work. Long story short, get enough sleep!

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