Mental Health: What You Need to Know

Sunday, October 20

By Laura Stevanović

Mental health is a part of everyday life of our youth and many people don't speak about it enough. When they do, they don't usually point out things that should be known so for that reason I've made a few points that I think that are important to point out when it comes to talk about mental health of our youth.


1.) Ways to deal with it

I will say that, when it comes to this there is a lot of ways to work through that & I would say that what works for you depends on who you are. I myself deal with problems and anxeity by pushing them away and just getting extremly busy which isn't too healthy, keeps me sane.

On the other hand, some people relax their mind by being either artsy or talking their problems out, listening to music or even writing; others tend to relax when in touch with nature and animals. It all depends on who you are as a person.

2.) For people to understand

A lot of people tend to forget that words mean a lot even if a person that you've said something to doesn't seem to care, deep down it really hurts them. SO i've decided to share the logic that some people lack: 

- listen rather than talk smack

- if you see people that aren't okay and you know them, just let them know that you're there for them in case they would need to talk (because sadly a lot of people don't talk about their problems because they think that they would be annoying people by telling them)

- ask people about their life instead of making stories about them

3.) Get out of your head

I can speak on that because I tend to overthink to that level, that I make myself sad .

So there is what I see as a good alternative - for sure making little plans that keep you motivated, focused and kind of out off free time, to make yourself feel bad again.

For example at the moment i'm reading a book, another two are waiting for me on the shelf and i'm over here with my notebook writing those tips. 

I am of that opinion that organisation is the key, i know that some people work their prime in disorder me on the other hand not.

That is why  I plan days beforehand and I finish them day by day, smile by smile and when I reach a bump  I seek for help from friends and family that like to see that when I need them I trust them and deeply rely on them.

4.) So what am I trying to say?

Talk, talk and talk because people are  willing to listen. Pet pets, ride horses, sleep, read, get drunk... idk just try to enjoy life and not alayse everything around you because something that is bothering you now in 6 years and less won't have any meaning so I tend to say to try to move on from bleak problems.

Just relax there is a real big world for you to discover as soon as you'll get out of your bubble of distrust, so get out of that confort zone and open your mind, your heart and mouth and let yourself be sucked in.

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