Microwave Meals for the Average College Student

Saturday, March 21

By Anushka Rastogi

As a broke college student who refuses to cook a lot, I have resorted to using the microwave for cooking meals and snacks. As a college student, cooking can be a hassle and we can’t afford to buy takeout all the time. Thus, here are some snacks and meals that I cook using the microwave. 

1. Breakfast Bomb

To buy: frozen sausages, cheese (either shredded or slices), eggs, tortillas, cream cheese, frozen hash brown patties 

Cook and prep: cook frozen sausages and hash brown patties in the microwave according to instructions. Crack an egg in a microwaveable container and add spices as required and cook in the microwave. Heat tortilla in the microwave. To assemble your meal, spread some cream cheese on the warm tortilla. Add sausages, patties, egg and cheese on tortilla. You can roll the tortilla as burrito or fold as quesadilla. 

2. Pizza on a cracker

To buy: rice crackers, cheese (either shredded or slices), pepperoni slices 

Cook and prep: add cheese and pepperoni to cracker and heat up in the microwave. An easy and quick low-cal pizza is ready! 

3. Chicken taco on the run

To buy: frozen chicken tenders, cheese (either shredded or slices), tortillas, sour cream, frozen or fresh bell peppers, pre-made salsa 

Cook and prep: heat chicken tenders and bell peppers in the microwave as instructed. Heat tortilla in the microwave for warm tortillas. Add chicken tenders, cheese and bell peppers to the tortilla. Add salsa and sour cream according to your preferences. 

4. Oreo Surprise

To buy: oreos, milk, whipped cream (optional) and hot fudge sauce (optional) 

Cook and prep: add crushed oreos to mug and add milk accordingly to get a mixture with thick consistency. The mixture should have cake batter consistency. Heat the mixture in the microwave till it’s cooked through. Remove mug from microwave and add hot fudge and whipped cream. 

5. The health wrap

To buy: tortillas, hummus, frozen or fresh bell peppers, semi-cooked chicken chunks 

Cook and prep: heat bell peppers and chicken chunks in the microwave. Next, heat up a tortilla and spread hummus then add the bell peppers and chicken. 

These are just some of the basic food items I cook using the microwave and as a college student, I understand the struggle of trying to manage your own cooking. Thus, here’s a few snacks to get you started and as I start working on my cooking skills, I’ll be back with more!

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