Modern Day Dating

Sunday, June 20

By Sophie Maria Kibinian

I find it really hard to date nowadays… I either go out with past-lovers or don’t go out at all. I don’t feel like I really enjoy today’s dating methods, I romanticize “old romantic love” (although I’m a 2001 baby, what do I know). Our communication methods are too complicated and bland,we got used to showing affection and interets by quickly responding, adding initals to our bios. Is this what love really feels like? posting it all over social media and flautning your "perfect" relationship?  Why do I feel like love is dead? Like good manners and charming men have disappeared? Or am I stumbling across the bad ones?

Nowadays, the "value" of your relationship is measured by how many times you post your s/o and if they treat you the way that social media "accepts it". I think people tend to forget that dating is far from perfect, and everything we see on social media is tailored and almost "fake" and scripted. 

Whenever I start talking to a guy, they either don’t want anything serious, are in for one thing only, or are extremely desperate. I never downloaded a dating app, I don’t really believe in them, and honestly, I’m afraid of meeting men that I encountered online… I also feel liie, if my relationship doesnt fit the social media standard or aestehtic, then my relationship isn't worth it? I feel pressured to display my love life online.

Am I a hopeless romantic if I‘d rather meet someone the traditional way? I think I’m watching too many movies. Whenever I think about relationships, I always tell myself, you’ll find the love of your life, you’ll fall madly in love him, just like in the movies; but the thing is, I don’t really know if that’s possible anymore, is chivalry dead? I find myself wondering if this true love still exists in the traditional way.

In my opinion, modern day dating sucks, maybe my standard’s are too high maybe not.

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