mood ring

Tuesday, June 29

By Rajsi Rana

my index finger has a thin stripe of paleness abmist the bronze, a remainder of the only friendship i had i thought i deserved

she was cruel, but a good liar

forever tricking me into believing she was my best friend and that i was hers

giving me gifts to seduce me into believing i wasn’t trapped, wasn’t captured like a fish on a hook, minutes away from death

she gave me a mood ring

isn’t it funny how it was always green when i was with her?

one day, i unhooked my lips and swam away

pierced and bleeding, but alive

the ring came off, memories with her faded until they were gray

like the center of the mood ring that sits in my desk, growing grayer with dust and time away 

sometimes, i imagine it flickers green when i think of her

a flash of envy until it grays over again.

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