Quotes That Change My Perspective On Life

Wednesday, November 17

By Alyesha Chauhan

In this article, I am going to be talking in-depth about 3 motivational quotes, why I feel like you need to hear them and how they may help you in your daily living. 

1  “Perfectionism is the enemy of success “

After hearing this quote I can easily say that it has stuck with me and everything I do. Something I insinuated from hearing this quote was that there’s no need to carry out every project to a percentage of 100. 

I think this quote has also taught me to be comfortable with failure and instead of being offended by it, and to accept the failure and learn for next time. 

You may interpret this quite differently from how I did but it’s safe to say it teaches people how to be resilient when facing challenges outside of their comfort zone. 

If an individual is reaching for the highest goal but wants perfection within the process of striving towards it, they have failed before they have tried. 

Why do I think this? 

No Olympic medalist had nailed the sport they play the first time they had tried it. They had to have the training to learn and practice over and over to become a professional. 

Therefore, to be successful, you have to go through the depths of failure to become a professional by the end of the goal. 

2 "Competition is the theft of creativity” - Emma Chamberlain

I’ve always been a fan of Emma Chamberlain so I decided to listen to her podcast “ Anything goes with Emma Chamberlain ” where she speaks from the heart about her thoughts and advice to her platform.  

The one podcast I can’t stop thinking about is “Competition is the theft of creativity” in this episode she talks about how creativity shouldn’t be compared. For example, at the TV show awards, you have talented actors but only one is chosen. Emma talks about how this is unfair because creativity is creativity and everybody should be shown appreciation for the pieces they have created. 

Not only this, Emma talks about how competition in these situations can be unfair because the decision of who is the winner is based on the audience’s opinion of the character instead of how good the actor truly is. 

I’m not saying competition is always toxic, sometimes it could be great but what I’m saying is that in many situations creativity shouldn’t be compared. Instead, it should be appreciated because creativity is whatever comes naturally to the person. 


3 “Never accept criticism from a person you wouldn't go to for advice”


I think it’s quite important who you decide who to take advice from and who you shouldn’t. Say you’re at your dream job interview. You've just got the job but your friend tells you not to take it. Who are you going to listen to, your friend or your interviewer? 

Yes, constructive criticism is necessary when you want to meet long-term goals however not everyone is giving you criticism because they want to see you improve. A person that does not want to see you succeed can criticise one decision you make out of bitterness and it can throw you off your entire goal. 

In conclusion, the moral I interpreted from this quote was to decide carefully how you choose your friends and the people you surround yourself with on a day-to-day basis.

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