Murder of Myself

Monday, March 22

By Sophia Marie Green


great, beautiful, and just

Mother of all of us

I come forth now with a case

there has been a murder!

I present this story on a

cloudy and awful day

people and things line the streets

placing bets like a boxing match

the first witness is a woman

(the crowd expresses mixed reactions)

she presents her tales of:

a long knife, bent in places,

blood on the Holy Bible,

buckets of tears,

and the death of a turtle

next witness!

a man

(the crowd boos)

he presents a stack of money

 and a rifle of which

the barrel points back at the shooter

(crowd is silent as he leaves)

next, the convict!

another man

(crowd boos louder)

he is a privileged man

tall, white, wears a suit and a fresh haircut

he tells his defense of

doing his job so he may

feed himself and his family

simple man, how could he be the killer?

hush crowd!

the Mother had made her decision!

(crowd silences)

Mother opens her mouth and points

"you foul creatures,

quit with it!

your age has crippled everything!


you stand on my scarred body

and blame each other

and try to satisfy me

but it is you who are guilty!

guilty for the murder of myself!"

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