My Favorite Youtubers This Year (SO FAR)

Saturday, October 19

By Andrea Nolen

So, if you're anything like me, you spend hours on YouTube. It's literally my favorite website. Here are the people I've been loving lately.

1) Mia Maples

She does a lot! Whether it's trying things from, doing a full face of one makeup brand, DIY videos. She's a pretty funny girl, and she always leaves me entertained in the morning while I do my makeup or get ready for school. I love watching videos of her and her mom.

2) Shane

I think we ALL love Shane.

3) Spill Sesh

She's where I go to get all the important internet drama.

4) Tati

When I just need a break from crazy and wanna chill, Tati is there for me. Watching her do makeup is like watching swans dance... do swans dance??

6) Cody Ko

He's not a bully! Enjoy this picture of him and Kelsey Kreppel.

7) Nikkie Tutorials

Her personality is just so cute and I think she's one of the best makeup artists!

8) Brandi TV

SHES THE BEST! SHE HAS ME CRYING TEARS BECAUSE SHE'S SO FUNNY. Basically, she gets high and does things like trying food or doing makeup, and it's literally revolutionary.

So, definitely give these YouTubers a chance!

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