My Favourite Methods of Escapism

Saturday, January 04

By Louise Owen

Life is stressful, especially around New years . Everybody's setting new goals, making new life plans, thinking more heavier about their future plans and sometimes it's hard to even find a place to just sit down and breathe for a second. So, here are some soothing ways of escapism that I love and hopefully will help you too! 

  1. Gaming! 

Gaming is the best way of escapism for me, especially calming games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Especially with Animal crossing new horizons being around the corner and the latest update for stardew Valley, it's the best way to just pause time in the real world and to relax in another. Have some fun farming and making friends in Stardew, and making animal friends and making a beautiful town in Animal crossing. Whenever you have time, get a nice warm drink and relax with a calming game like these. You deserve to relax! 

  1. Hobbies! 

There are so many hobbies around, I'm sure you have one but if you're looking for something new then there's many opportunities out there for you. 

Try new clubs, like pottery clubs, baking clubs, arts and crafts or sports clubs. There's so many options out there for you, all it takes is a little test and typing the right thing into google! Or maybe try something that you can do whenever like Photography, writing or start a scrapbook of the year! Your life is in your hands, choose what you want to do. 

  1. Skincare! 

Everybody's heard of this and it's definitely something you should start doing this year! Make sure you stay hydrated, find products out there right for your skin and make sure you get sleep! Make sure you make time for yourself in the morning and evening - you'll love seeing yourself healthier!

  1. Read! 

Make sure you make time to read, because it's one of the best methods of escapism you can get. Don't make it a chore, find a series you like - something that connects to you because there's always going to be a book out there for you, so it's best you start now! I'll admit, I haven't been reading but that will change this year! Whether its manga, a classic romance, action or even historical - make time to read it even when you're feeling stressed, it'll teleport you into a different world guaranteed. Personally for manga, blue exorcist is amazing and for a classic check out Mortal Instruments! 

  1. TV shows and movies! 

When the weekend rolls around, or after school, college, work or just a stressful horrible day - it's always nice to relax with a funny show or one of your most loved series. Maybe bring friends or family around, talk to that friend you haven't seen in awhile and bring them over to watch some shows! Maybe go on a date with your significant other, watch all the movies you love together! Watch the classic ones your partner loves, and then yours! You'll learn so much about one another through their favourite movies and shows! You can even do so with friends and family! 

Just be sure you take this month easy, see what you want to do and what's right for you and then go for it! Make your path the one that you want to walk and live an amazing life! 

Happy New Year from everybody at Consonancie! 

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