My Journey With The 75 Hard Challenge

Wednesday, July 22

By Simi Purcell

When I first stumbled upon the 75 Hard challenge on a fitness influencer’s Instagram page, I figured it was some intense bodybuilding challenge that I would never be able to do and kept scrolling. A few days later, while mindlessly going through Tik Tok, I saw the challenge being featured on my For You page. The creator of the video showed herself doing yoga in the morning for her first workout of the day, reading a book during sunset, and then slack-lining with her family in the evening. I was immediately puzzled, and questioned how a routine that looked so relaxing and the furthest thing from strenuous could be a depiction of a fitness challenge.

After spending hours in bed researching the mysterious challenge, I realized that 75 Hard is both for improving your mental and physical health. The challenge was created by speaker, podcaster, and author Andy Frisella. The requirements of the challenge include reading ten pages of a book either about entrepreneurship or self-improvement, drinking at least a gallon of water a day, restricting extreme junk food, and exercising twice a day for at least forty-five minutes. While some in the fitness community have criticized the challenge and deemed it as too intense, I viewed the challenge as something that I could create myself. I had control over how intense my workouts would be or what I would cook for myself that night. I immediately understood that the challenge would be what I made of it. 

After three days of participating in 75 Hard, the mental strain of keeping up with my routine everyday began to get to me. I was feeling myself not wanting to workout, and dreading taking my first sip of water in the morning. It was after those first three days that I began to realize that this challenge was helping me become mentally disciplined. I knew that overcoming my physical idleness would benefit my mental health tremendously. 

After a month and a half of doing this challenge, I have felt myself slowly conquering my own procrastination, laziness, and negative thinking. I have created a routine for myself that has kept me accountable and productive. My thoughts have become more consistently positive, and my physical shape has improved greatly with exercising twice everyday. Literature wise, I have enjoyed reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson. My increased water intake has left me feeling more energized between meals, and prevented me from eating junk food at midnight as I used to do daily.

While I was intimidated by this challenge at first, deciding to participate in it has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. I stepped out of my comfort zone and began to conquer my own mind. I still have a long way to go with the rest of the challenge, but I am excited to finish strong. I encourage everyone to try this challenge, and if not the whole seventy-five days, try ten or twenty.

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