My Ocean, My Love

Thursday, March 11

By Sophia Marie Green

My ocean, how I long for you.

I am locked away from you

imprisoned by the lands.

How I long to be within your grasp

to feel your sand between my toes

your salty scent in my nose

and your waters chasing my feet as I walk.

I can only so much as dream

and remember you.

I can visit your freshwater relatives

but it's not nearly the same.

I hope I can come back to you

maybe in months, maybe in years.

I will come back.

You may not even notice

with as many things as there are

living among your currents, in you depths.

But I will come

and a part of you will wait for me.

I will walk with you

and when it gets dark I will watch

as the moon glistens over you.

I will melt into you

and try to join you

even if my body won't allow you.

The sun will not want me with you.

It'll burn my skin

and blind my eyes.

But I'll always stay

because my dear ocean

I love you.

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