My Problem With "The Hype House"

Monday, January 13

By Andrea Nolen

The Hype House is the latest "Team 10". This time, it's a mansion filled with over a dozen teenage TikTok stars. The most popular creators, maybe even some of your favorites, were put into this group to collaborate with each other, gain followers, and make money. So what're these kids' talents? What made them special enough to be a part of the house? I ask myself this question too.

The house is full of famous TikTokers who've been known to do the "Renagade" dance and lip-sync to the hottest songs. Each and every one of them is either white or "white-passing". There is not a single black or Asian person in the group, which is ridiculous. If these kids are supposed to be who younger children are looking up to, can we at least get some diversity? Someone that minorities can identify with? Apparently not.

Not only did they choose all white kids, but some of the house members aren't even children. I personally think it's highly inappropriate for children to be living with adults who are going to bring other adults into the house, possibly drink and do drugs, etc. This really begs the question "what were their parents thinking?" Leaving a group of young people in a house by themselves with practically no rules is a recipe for disaster.

The Hype House was constructed in only two weeks, leaving plenty of room for catastrophes. Was this even thought about enough, or is it simply just a cash grab? The creator of the house is an ex-member of Team 10, which was already a mess in itself. What leads him to believe the Hype House will be any better?

At the end of the day, the members are all a bunch of kids who are just trying to make it in LA. After TikTok dies down, as every app eventually does, there won't be much for them to make money off of. None of these kids have actual talents, and if they do, they aren't showcasing it. This article seems very brutal, but it's coming from a place of worry. What will they have going for them when all of this is over?

To conclude, The Hype House looks like it's going to be an absolute problem. Not only am I worried about the children's safety, but it's also not diverse enough, full of talent, or giving a promising future to the members. In a few weeks, there's sure to be a scandal. That's how all of these "houses" work. They're full of drama and reckless behavior. Unsupervised teenagers are sure to get themselves into some sort of trouble. After the hype around the Hype House dies, they'll stop growing as fast and the entire situation won't even be worth it.

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