My theory on life

Wednesday, June 02

By Weronika Ludzik

Life is complex, full of mysteries and plot twists. Every one of us has a different take on life. Some will follow their religion and base their lives on that, others believe in coincidence and others don't and some make up their own beliefs and each aspect is valid. I'm a person that looks for truth in everything and being on this earth for nearly 17 years I made up my own theory of life, based on my own experience, reading, research and even tv and film.

I'm going to split this into two sections, life in general and love.

For some reason, the best place to start this is death or what I believe happens to us when we pass away. I believe that if we have unfinished business down on earth our spirits remain until the conflict is solved, I also believe spirits can be trapped on earth if they aren't ready to move on. I also think we choose whether our souls move onto another life, stay in the afterworld, or become a guardian of someone on earth. This also makes me believe that spirits can visit us to let us know they are there for us or just to tell us to stop being pathetic and get back up.

When it comes to life itself, I believe in fate, but also that we are in control. For example, I know that I'm going to die one day, which is part of fate; however, I know that I can prevent it most days by making sure I don't walk in front of a car, etc. I know some things are meant to happen, and other things are consequences of our choices, whether good or bad. Many times in school I heard people say that they will pass an exam being if its meant to happen it will happen, but I believe that our grades are in our control if I don't put in the work, I won't get the grade meaning that my life is not set in stone and I have some control. 

I also think the universe plays a big part in our lives. It's a running joke with my friends that the universe hates me because it always gives me mixed signs. I think the universe sends us a billion signs each day whether it's through music, TV, movies, overheard conversations or physical signs like lights acting weird, etc. This is exactly why I'm a bit iffy on coincidences. Let's just say I have a decision to make and before making up my mind I watch a show and a similar dilemma shows up I take that as a sign as to what to do next. I tend to follow my gut a lot, not saying that all my decisions are impulsive as I always look at both sides but if my gut tells me something isn't right I will get out of that situation. 

Now let's move onto love

I believe we have more than one soulmate and we choose who we love. I'm also a firm believer in the right person wrong time. Now when I say we have multiple soulmates I'm not counting platonic soulmates, what I mean is that I believe that we have more the none romantic soulmate so even when things don't work out with one we move one and that's when our choice comes in, so I'm not too worried about finding a boyfriend now because it's more important to be with the right person than be with any person. 

And this is my take on life. 

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