My Top Movies From The Decade

Tuesday, December 24

By Daniel R.

A lot of movies have been made and watched during this decade. Some were good, some were bad, and some should have never been made. This is my list of top 10 best movies I have seen over the years, with 10 honorable mentions.  It may contain spoilers, so if you’ve never seen the movie, read at your own risk. All opinionated and not in any kind of order. 

  1. Joker. The movie was released in October of 2019 and it only took me a little under a week to go watch it. I knew it would be a great movie with the opening scene alone and it's now a favorite after seeing Joker's interview in the movie, ending it with a bang.

  2. Horrible Bosses. I didn't have the pleasure of seeing the movie in theaters but I do own the movie now. If you're anyone who knows me this is close to being my number one favorite comedy movie.


  3. The Harry Potter series. The movies started getting released in 2001 and finished in 2011. I don't remember seeing much of them in theaters, other than Half Blood Prince, but I'm making it a personal mission to own all the books and movies. I have always liked the movies as a kid and growing up and watching them whenever there's a marathon on tv I have a lot more appreciation for them. Also, I'm a Ravenclaw.                                                              

  4. The Conjuring. This movie is one of the only horror movies out there that can still scare and give me the creeps even when I know a specific scene is about to happen. I will always rewatch it but still be terrified to watch it when it's too late at night.

  5. The Purge trilogy. These movies are always entertaining to watch and is the most difficult for me to pick a favorite. It's almost impossible because they're all so good and I'll always watch a marathon of all the movies.

  6. It Chapter Two. The opening scene alone makes it easy for me to pick chapter two over chapter one. It was difficult to watch and makes me sick just thinking about it. Although I did find some scenes a little slow, I find it overall being better than chapter one.


  7. Hereditary. I wish I could have seen this in theaters but it did still make me queasy during a certain scene with a decapitation. I haven't heard really anyone talk about this movie but they should. It's truly underrated.

  8. Planet of the Apes series. I know there are older movies of this and I haven't seen them and truthfully I don't think I will. From the very beginning when Caesar was born to the very end when he died, I've loved these movies. They're trippy to watch and very entertaining. If you haven't seen them, sorry for the spoiler but still watch these movies.

  9. Sausage Party. Yes, the movie isn’t very appropriate, but it’s hilarious. I can watch it at any point during the movie because all of it, no matter where I start, is guaranteed laughter.


  10. Remember Me. I've only seen this movie one time and it's when it was on YouTube for about a week before getting removed. I will always remember this movie and will always try to find a way to watch it. I watched this 8 to 9 years ago and I wish I could watch it again. I wish I could have known Robert Pattinson from this movie instead of some other movies that don't deserve to be talked about.


Honorable mentions:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Marriage Story

Avengers Endgame



World War Z

We’re the Millers

This is the End


Get Out

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