No Simple Feat

Thursday, June 10

By Caroline Hughes

Sometimes, the words we want to say

don't want to be said


Words, you know, are shy creatures

They cannot be caught 

and thrown out of you until they splatter 

into a sentence 

They require a bit of coaxing,

a bit of exploring,

and a lot of digging.


They hide behind time, 

time turned into walls 

not to keep the world out

but to keep the words in.

And these forgotten words

are in fact the most powerful

for words have been found to age

"like fine wine" as they say


We must tear down the walls

with bravery as our pickaxe,

desire our sledgehammer,

anger our dynamite,

and the years ticking away as the workers

chipping away at their own

to reach those hidden words.


Out they will come,

floating along a song you've found along the way,

Pouring out

with an expression to a lover,

They will come dripping, flooding out

with the tears you've released,

Or they will be blasted out

along a shock wave of rage

And they will seep out with the rest of you

leaving you devoid of all things vivid

and sink to the ground

like thick,




And when all is said and done,

you'll be looking at a looking glass.

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