One Awkward Conversation Later…

Sunday, September 26

By Niamh Donnelly

We talk about mothers teaching their sons to respect women because it will make the world a safer place, and it will but we always talk about the big picture, why not zoom in a little bit?

One woman’s life was forever changed within a few moments because you didn’t teach your son to say please and thank you.

One woman turns down every suitor because she knows their mother didn’t teach them either.

One woman hangs towels over her mirrors because she can’t stand to look at what your son “ruined”.

One woman blacks out every night to escape the memory of your son towering over her in the dark of night.

One woman paints scars on her skin in the shape of your sons hand prints.

One woman is taking her life because you didn’t set boundaries with your son.

Your son. Your son lives on as if nothing fucking happened.

I don’t give a fuck if it’s an awkward conversation. Do you know what’s awkward? Telling your parents that the boy they welcomed into the family, raped their daughter.

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