Owner or slave? Miss Feline Great!

Sunday, March 08

By Hafsa Ahmed

The intimidating stare they give you, the way they hold your gaze for so long making you feel uneasy with the judgement and proudness – of being better than you – in their eyes. But of course, of course they are better than us, how can they not be? After all the Mughals kept them as well. On the finest cushion of silk to rest their derriere on, fed the most succulent portions of meat.

When the Mughals can be their slaves, who are we, common people, to rule them? Their slavery has left the British behind. We sort out the mess they make, we break down our fear of having our furniture ruined by their marks and just for the master’s comfort, we have to do away with our side of the bed for them to stretch out and nap in peace – and in peace they certainly do!

Who are these spoiled aristocratic brats – who have us on our feet ready to answer their call at once before they throw a fit and wreak havoc – you ask?

If you haven’t guessed till now then allow me to introduce the ultimate master of us humans – in front of whom we are bound to not groan in disdain so as to not receive the intense glare – I now reveal her Royal Highness Miss Feline.

The way she delicately advances forward, holding her head up high, gliding down from her quarters and ending up gracefully on her much admired paws. Huffing out a satisfying purr while receiving her daily massage, working out on techniques to keep us humans loving them. She’s beauty and she’s grace! She’s Miss Feline Great.

I have lost count the amount of times I called off my plans just to stay with my cat and in return he ignores me like the true gentle”cat” he is. My shoes, especially the laces get worn out before time as they are his favorite things to play with and sharpen his claws. Which obviously are my reward for being his obedient slave, looking up to figuring out more ways to make him eat the same food in ten different ways just to satisfy his Gordon Ramsay taste on food.

In order to live a peaceful life, you have to pull the thought of being their boss out of your head and accept the fact that you are now a slave till her highness’s last breath.

P.S we humans are referred as “cat moms”, the word mom just adds a little respect to our slavery position.

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