Paying for Living

Tuesday, April 27

By Paloma Doti

After being told the amount of money she had to pay to continue living, she left the hospital and started walking thinking about possible solutions.  But when the doctor said the price of her life saving surgery, the man was shooting a gun without bullets.  Although without blood everywhere, she fell dead on the corner of the street where the hospital is located.  The crime scene was there, but no one suspected that it was the private health system.

A business will prevail even in times of economic crisis as long as what it sells is indispensable.  People are always going to need food and clothing to survive the winter.  So those businesses that sell food and shelter are going to be more likely to make progress.  
People are also going to need to live.
In the United States, they realized that there is no one alive that doesn't get sick.  Or that does not die. So: What better business than one where everyone can be a customer?  
Everyone, regardless of whether they are employed or unemployed, whether they want to or not, at some point in their lives are clients of private clinics. So that freedom of choice in which one can supposedly choose the service and the doctors they want, the idea that this system proposes, is a big lie, because in the first place, you can't choose whether to get sick or not.  When we buy a t-shirt, it´s something that we could do well without and that we have the choice not to buy.  But our bodies and their diseases, we already have them and in order not to die, we need healthcare. So, there's not any kind of freedom of choice. 
Are we also going to turn our lives into a business?  Life is not a service or an option, it is a right.  It's the condition that we all have since we were borned: to be alive. It is not a matter of Democrats or Republicans, life is not discussed, much less negotiated and priced. 
So in the land of the free, if you do not have the privilege of having a job and as a consequence an insurance, you have to pay being unemployed, an amount of money that someone with 2 jobs could not pay.  And if you have the privilege of having a job and as a consequence health insurance, your insurance may not cover an operation that, if not performed, endangers your life.  So, in addition to being a murderer, the private health system is a classist and irrational murderer.
Are you unemployed?  You can't be assisted.
Are you employed and insured?  They might not cover the operations you need, you can´t be assisted. 
Are you an insurer?  You earn money.  And then you earn more money.  

What freedom are we talking about?  That freedom that doesn't let you choose to continue living if you don't have money?
Americans have to stay in miserable paying jobs in order to have their health insurance, they even have to work as old men to buy their medicines, mortgage their houses, they sell their most precious belongings and even get involved in illegal activities to be able to insure their sick relatives (and themselves) the treatments and medicines that they need to continue living.
Worst of all, after working until they die or after dying because of being unable to work, the American people continue to support this system. They keep saying that they would not pay taxes to solve each other's problems, as if the other at some point could not be themselves. Thinking of oneself as an isolated being, as an individual and not as a society, is the greatest disease in the U.S.A and only universal and free healthcare could cure it.

Until when is this  genocide known as private health going to continue killing in silence?

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