pieces of remedy: help me! the flood (I & II)

Monday, February 22

By Mia Jo Domenick

Dear reader,

My life has not been the most ideal, and I am sure yours has not, either. However, it seems that we all have that one person that has pulled us out of our dark places. These pieces of poetry were constructed to my beloved one, who continuously takes care of me after every flood. And if you do not have that one person, then be that one person. Take care of yourself after your floods: you deserve it.


help me! the flood (I)



help me!


i am gasping for air when none is nearby.

water is surging into my mouth

and my eyes

and my nose.

my skin feels soggy.


i am a town,

and i am being flooded.


help me!


this happens every so often,

so there is nothing for the water to take.

i was an empty town to begin with.

nonetheless, this hurts.

this is painful. 


how? how may it hurt when i have nothing to lose?

i am unsure of it.

i really didn’t think there would be a flood this soon, though.


help me! the flood (II)




i see someone.

no one ever comes to this town, 

it often remains vacant.

i wonder why they are here.


they have a bucket, and with this bucket they are scooping up the water

and throwing it out of town. 


bucket by bucket,

they have been doing this for days now.

i can breathe again.

even so, they haven’t stopped.

they want to get rid of every drop of water.


i thank them,

i feel better.

the water is out of my mouth, eyes, and nose,

and my skin is no longer soggy.


currently, they are bringing people into the town.

all of these people love me, they are taking care of me.


there has been no new floods,

i have been helped.

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