Please Let Me Go

Wednesday, November 03

By Lane Bashline

I yearn for the love I once held

That once engulfed my lunges

That I held for granted

Between my hands carelessly


Then somewhere along the way 

You held my hand with a cold clasp

gripping at that warmth 

that joy

that love that sang from the rooftops without ever being mentioned


You spun that love and placed it upon another's head

The crown of honor that the whole pack saw, the bat signal of approval


My washed-up corpse lie on the ground with your friendly embrace

being but a memory


As the cells regenerate, they cling to one another

Pleading for the love I once took for granted

They swarm to you

you are their honey

there light in the darkness

and I long for your light once more


but alas the world is dark and decays

those who longed so dearly to drink from my fountain

laugh in harmony with their new toy


I reap what I sew 

yet my clothes are bear

bearin as the mother with no children left


As the birds sang our final goodbye 

I feel relief that she's moving on

I yearn for a world that will never be mine

Where leaves move with the sound of the wind

And the simple spotting smell of incense soothes my soul

I just wish I could change 

Just a little bit more


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