broken thoughts (a collection of poetry)

Sunday, January 31

By Cerys McAdam

1.  hidden flowers.

soon, she'll arrive.
dragging the moon's hidden flowers behind her.


2. paper cuts.

it tears into my skin

and spills all my blood 

like it was paper spilling ink

it's just a paper cut.

3. fragments.

i look in the mirror                     

and the picture is fragmented

like my body isn't under my head
and my head doesn't know my mind

it is as if some creature has painted me
but didn't have the right shade
or measurements.

it is as if a deaf ear drew me from the description of a blind eye.


4. weaker and weaker.

you were pretty
and it made me smile that you wanted me;

you touched me
and made me weak;

you tasted me
and made me cry;

but you were pretty
and it made me smile. 


5. trapped in you.

there are
chains and locks around my ankle,
to which i have the key.

but, my love, you put them there
and my hand trembles at the thought of letting you go

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