Poland's Abortion Ban -- aka another way to control women

Friday, February 05

By Weronika Ludzik

While Poland is a beautiful, scenic country, its political and social side is ugly. 

On the 22nd of October 2020 the President of the Constitutional Court, Julia Przebylska read that "Art.4a sec.1 point 2 of the Act of & January 1993 on family planning, protection of the human fetus and the conditions for the admissibility of termination of pregnancy (...) is inconsistent with Art.38 in connection with Art.30 in connection with Art.31 Sec.3 of the Constitution" basically saying that the abortion law act is inconsistent with the Constitution. 

I went on and read the Constitution so let's see what Art.38, 30 and 31 Sec.3 is about. (Obviously, the Constitution is written in Polish so it won't be exactly word for word but it is still correct).  Art.38 states that the Republic of Poland grantees the protection of life to each human, now think about this a pregnant women life is in danger due to the pregnancy but the child still has to be born due to the abortion ban making a total abortion ban unconstitutional. So why is abortion 'inconsistent' with is an article well, in Poland, it is 'believed' that a human is a human the second the egg and the sperm mix, therefore, aborting it would mean not protecting its life but you may ask your self why have I but believed in invented commas well this is because I have not found that statement in black and white (not saying it's not written somewhere I may just not be able to find it) the only thing I have found is according to the Penal Code a person is a person only when they are born. Basically, the Polish Government itself doesn't have a clear idea when a human actually becomes a human. 

Art.30 and 31 are in a nutshell about human rights and how you can't remove them but if Poland itself isn't sure when a person is a person then how can we argue for rights. 

Now since we have the important law side done let's move on to what is happening in Poland. 

In October in 80 towns in Poland protests have been held and even in 20 towns around the world outside the Polish Embassies. These protesters put a pause on the ban being signed but on the 27th of January the ban was signed, and people went back out to protest. There on the streets was probably more police force than during the inauguration in America. More than 100 police cars in one street, ready to arrest people, which is unconstitutional because people have a right to protest, some people will say that the people are getting arrest because they are meeting during Covid but I believe that the would arrest the people pandemic or not. This is just the government using the pandemic to an advantage. 

The most common quotes on signs are "My p*ssy, My Choice" or "Women's Hell" or "Jeb*ać PiS" which means "F*ck PiS (the political party Law and Justice). It's upsetting to see that Poland is moving backwards not forwards. I'm not saying that you should be for abortion all I'm saying is to let the women have a choice over her own body. 

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