PTSD: A Poem

Sunday, March 07

By Maryam Uddin


PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is caused when one witnesses or experiences a terrifying event. Most times, PTSD is invalidated because unfortunately, many people do not believe in the severity of this mental illness. For this very reason, I have written a poem about this mental health condition to promote awareness:

I always stay in the bathroom,

And spend time with the mirror

While everyone is outside,

Dancing by the fiery campfire,


They dance worriless,

Admist the circling smoke,

That carries the ghastly scent

Of burning ash and oak wood


The unfamilier reflection in the mirror

Studies me warily as if I'd bite,

The reflection in the mirror

Is a collision between

The vile past,

And the ravenous future


How is it even possible?

I can still see and feel

The smothering smoke


How can I still hear,

The distorted screams of fear?


I can still smell

The burning wood,

The burning money,

The burning people,


My burning people,


I can still feel the roaring fire

That outshined all the stars,

When it had burned down

My only home


I try to keep those memories

Caged in the back of my head,

But it never really works

For these memories

Burn the metal bars


And the fire,

Even today,

Continues to burn,

Yet instead of my skin,

It burns my tired heart


But the mirror makes me realize,

That I need to become the rain

In order to extinguish this fire


That's something I wish

I could've done

When the house was burning down


It's not too late,

I remind myself


And so, I return to the campfire,

And I dance and dance

In the swirling smoke


Because in order to extinguish

The fire,

The memories,

The smell

The past,


I must become the rain

And welcome the future






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