Punctuation marks

Wednesday, December 29

By Annelia Vakrinou

There are those days that you don’t know what you wish the future brings you. 

That anything and everything you have done up to this point in your more or less pathetic and dreary life seems unnecessary and substanceless. 

That no matter how many pictures you go through, happiness remains a fleeting description they gave you at a moment in time, like a flyer for a worldwide event that you threw in the trash. 

Days when there are things you need to do but almost provocatively ignore, and other things that you unhinderedly don’t bother with. 

Days when the future looks like a joke because the present also seems like a bad anecdote you should be getting. 

Maybe you’re not smart enough to even do that. 

Maybe the root of your inertia can be found deeper than any mattress, any carpet you fall flat on every five minutes, desperately looking for a reason to get up. 

Maybe he was right, that someone that took everything from you, apart from the punctuation marks.

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