Quarantine Has Helped Me Find a Love for Kickboxing

Monday, May 04

By Amy Christensen

Running, with no destination, just sidewalk or asphalt ahead is not my ideal way to work out but has been my reality. The only way for me to get fresh air is to go for a run, but my body isn’t made for distance running.

The one good thing about quarantine is that it has given me the chance to focus on myself and to work on what I really want to work on. I finally have the chance to workout and get into shape. With going to school full time and working full time, some weeks it was hard to get in a couple of workouts. This quarantine has given me ample time to workout. But the question is what will I do? Run everyday? I can barely run two miles without getting winded. Then the light at the end of the tunnel. Nike has the Nike training app and they are letting all members workout with the premium workouts for free. This is like being there with the workout instructor and they are working out with you in real time. This is when I tried out the premium kickboxing. Let me just tell you I loved it. I felt like I was getting in such a great workout and gaining muscle at the same time. It works everything. I have started to tone my thighs with this workout, my arms are becoming toned and even my back is starting to tighten up, in a good way. I have never liked a workout as much as this since I stopped playing basketball. I think it’s a great outlet for any anger or tension that has built up. You can let it all go with the punching and kicking. My next move is to try this on a boxing bag. 

Just a side note, the nike training app has many different workouts. You can pick which area you want to focus on like upper body, abs or lower body. You can also say what type of equipment you have if you have any or if you want to do workouts that focus on endurance or strength. IT’s a great place to find workouts for at home or in an outdoor area, while social distancing of course, and till stay at home orders are lifted, all the premium workouts are free. Don’t worry, Nike memberships are free as well.


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