Quarantine's Over? Great. Time To Get Your Life Back.

Sunday, June 14

By Marlo Mulligan

As we all know, quarantine has definitely been a drag for everyone. Not being able to see friends, go anywhere fun, or live life how you used to. But that doesn't mean that it will last forever. And you have to start planning asap for the long awaited day that the dreadful quarantine ends! So here it is, your holy grail: 15 things to add to your bucket list once quarantine is over!

1. See your family & friends 
Planning that long awaited reunion should definitely be a first on your list. As we know, it's definitely been too long  since we've last hugged our lovely friends & family. That much needed quality time with them is a definite must on this list.

2. Restaurants
Missing your favorite restaurant?
Well plan, plan, plan! Go to that restaurant with your friends & family & maybe that special someone.

3. Parties
Go to those parties! Parties are a definite MUST on this list, as it is the greatest way to make up some much needed time with friends and make new ones! Get out there and enjoy those parties!

4. Pool Visits
Best way to cool off after quarantine because poolside drinks have never tasted better! Make sure you add this to your list as it is the perfect way to end the week with a splash of fun!

5. Beaches
Speaking of splashes, don't forget to add beach trips to your list! Beach trips are the best way to soak up some of that sun for a golden tan and have fun while doing it!

6. Skate boarding
Skateboarding has definitely become a popular trend among teens. It is also a great way to relax & have some fun! You can't have a fun summer w/o doing a few ollie's through it too.

7. Festivals
Festivals are certainly a way to liven up your summer! Whether it be for 4th of July or a music festival, they are unquestionably a great way to kick off your summer.

8. Fairs
For sure an event that cannot be missed. Fairs definitely bring communities together and give you opportunities to meet more people. Living it up at a fair, whether it be your neighbourhoods fair or your friends, is definitely a way to have a great summer.

9. Picnics
Picnics are surely a nice relaxing way to enjoy your summer with friends & family. They can positively give you time to catch up with friends & family in a calm, peaceful environment with your favorite foods!

10. Shopping
One of my favorite hobbies in the world.
Online shopping has definitely been a highlight of the quarantine, but waiting for those packages & expecting more out of the items you have ordered are definitely not. Well thank GOD when quarantine is over, walking in those stores & gazing upon those luxurious clothes, sweet smelling perfumes & stunning shoes will feel like a heaven you will never take for granted ever again.

11. Amusement Parks
Whether it be soaking up the sun & splashing your way to fun at a water park, or screaming at the top of your lungs on the craziest rides, amusement parks are undoubtedly a highlight to anyone's summer. Definitely a must on your list !

12. Movies/Drive ins
We have all been dying to see the latest movies & enjoy them w/ family & friends, a bucket full of buttery popcorn, a tall slushie & a box of candy. So make sure you look at what movies are coming out & get your tickets! Summer can't go on without watching the latest movie that everyone's been talking about. Especially those drive ins perfect for enjoyable time alone with that special someone.

13. Bonfires
The smell of smoke, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, & the taste of toasty warm marshmallows has been missed this quarantine. Good thing you can go to them when quarantines over!! Nothing compares to feeling that cool summer breeze as your laughter rings in the air with your closest friends.

14. Karaoke
Karaoke is the best way to have an amazing night with friends. Belting out the lyrics to your favorite songs that you all know by heart with your God-awful singing absolutely is one of the best nights a group of friends can have. They can definitely count on you for hitting those high notes!

15. Camping
Last but not least, a peaceful way to end your summer, bond with your closest friends around the bonfire, enjoy those delicious s'mores, & be free with your friends in nature's valley. Camping is an excellent way to relax while still having fun & enjoying yourself. Camping is a great way to get closer to friends & to take a break from your usual lifestyle.

Congrats your bucket list is now complete! Make sure you live your summer of 2020 to the fullest! Now start planning ASAP!

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