Release Dates/Shows Coming Back To Netflix

Wednesday, March 31

By Alyesha Chauhan

April 14

The Circle, Season 2

The television reality show  “The Circle” is back for a second season of the series. Fans are eager to watch more after discovering the game is 100% real.

28th May

Lucifer - Season 5 , Part 2 

After part 1, many fans were left on a cliffhanger, This being said, the producers have now announced the second part coming where fans' confusion and questions will be revealed. 

No release dates have been confirmed for the shows/movies listed below, however, they have all been set to release in 2021. 

Lupin, Season 2

Action/Thriller Series “ Lupin” will be back for a second season. The first series being a major hit, Lupin rose to Number 1 on Netflix. 

Stranger Things, Season 4

Award-Winning Supernatural “ Stranger Things” was set to release early this year until the show was delayed due to COVID-19. 

You, Season 3

Genre - Psychological thriller

After the cliffhanger on  “YOU”  Season 2, fans are excited to see what Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) wants to do next! 


More of your favourite shows set for another season... 

Atypical, Season 4 

Release: October 2021

Genre: Comedy 

Dead to Me, Season 3 

Release: Late 2021 

Genre: Dark Comedy 

Dear White People, Season 4 

Release: Summer 2021

Genre: Comedy - Drama Series

Kissing Booth 3

Release: Summer 2021

Genre: Teen Romantic Comedy

Peaky Blinders, Season 6

Release: End Of 2021 

Genre: Drama/Crime

Sex Education, Season 3

Genre:  Comedy - Drama Series 

The cast has finished filming however the show has been postponed due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, the producers have not yet revealed a released date. 


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