5 Romcom Animes that Have a Place in my Heart

Friday, February 28

By Anushka Rastogi

As an anime fan, I have to say that anime really covers an eclectic array of genres. There’s everything for everyone and the assortment can be mind-boggling. It’s hard to pick anime series when there are so many options. I am not a hardcore anime fan but I do enjoy watching anime and I believe I have seen a fair amount (although that’s subjective). Though I’m a fan of thriller anime shows, I have seen a fair share of romcom anime shows and some still manage to tug at my heart. Don’t we know that feeling? Those romcom shows that manage to make us cry a little, laugh and eventually make us want to wrap ourselves into human burritos. The romcom shows that manage to make us envy the couples, ship the characters together and hope for nothing but for them to get together. 

There are some romcom anime series which will always be special to me and I am sure that each time I remember them, I will remember them fondly. 

  1. Ouran Highschool Host Club: Come on now, the perfect mix of drama, comedy and romance. It’s like a cocktail that makes you feel all lively and lightens you up. The two lead characters are absolute sweethearts and it’s hard to not ship them the second we see them together on screen. The other characters are not just fillers and are there to fill your heart with laughter and emotions. The plot is tight and there’s a healthy dose of comedy without it being lazy and repetitive. Also, the female lead is strong in her own way which I really admire as she works hard to make her way through. This show was one of the first ones I had seen when I stepped in the anime world and I’m proud that this was one of the many shows that hooked me to anime. 

  2. Skip Beat!: I’m drawn to strong female characters and Kyoko does justice to that. Kyoko is a strong female character but she’s not devoid of emotion. She’s ready to work hard and I believe persistence is her second name. She is certainly a character who inspires me and there’s traits of hers that I would like to imbibe if I can. Well moving on to the anime now. There’s plenty of drama and comedy and oh yes romance. The romance isn’t  so evident but eventually as the show progresses, we get to see a blooming romance. Slow build up, ah! The chemistry between the leads is charismatic and it’s hard to keep your eyes away from the show once you start, at least I did. 

  3. Kaichou wa Maid Sama: Well, well, this one is a high school one again and oh yes, we have a strong female lead here. She’s one tough cookie and refuses to show weakness. She works tirelessly and she definitely needs to take rest when she can. Another thing she should work on is her clear hatred for guys. Well, no one is perfect and as the show progresses, we see her grow as a person.  And then there’s the male lead who’s cool, suave and basically good at everything. It’s impossible not to swoon over him really. The chemistry between the two is really on another level and the relationship they have is cute yet hot. The show starts off on a funny note and the comedy is present throughout but it slows down a bit as the show progresses while the drama and romance take off. 

  4. Kamisama Kiss: This one’s got elements of supernatural and fantasy and I whole-heartedly love how this show turns out because of this. The female lead is put into an unexpected situation and how she manages around that is what the show’s about. The show does have romance and comedy but the anime doesn’t revolve around it but rather shows how the characters grow throughout the show’s progression. As the show goes on, we get to see how the characters learn more about themselves. It’s a light-hearted watch but be ready for some tears. The romance here tugs at my heart and the drama will not let you down. 

  5. Itazura na Kiss!: How could I ever leave this out?! The female lead is bubbly and imperfect but that’s what we love about her. The male lead is cold and brooding but eventually we see him soften up. That’s what I like about this show. It’s the steady but slow buildup and their love story doesn’t hit right off the bat. Also, it’s adorable how the female lead tries to catch her love interest’s attention. The show is light-hearted and if you’re looking for a romcom, you’re in luck with this one.

As much as I would love to rant about the anime I have seen, here are the top rom coms that will always be in my heart. And I hope they make their way into yours too.

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