Scarlet Demore - A Band to Watch

Friday, March 19

By Sasha Khanin

“We fuck around until we figure something out,” says Alex Gonzalez, the lead guitarist of Scarlet Demore. With their edgy, yet easygoing feel, the Chicago-based band is the quintessential example of the angsty American teen. The avant-garde group started with lead vocalist and guitarist, Cat Ayala, making music with Alex Gonzalez, during their sophomore year of high school. The dynamic duo later recruited Ashton Baldwin as their drummer a mere week before the show. Needless to say, the members of the group work well together, particularly under pressure. Alex describes the songwriting process as him and Cat shouting at one another until something sounds good and then calling Ashton for his drumming skills. Though this process may be unconventional, Scarlet Demore clearly gets things done. They have three singles out on Spotify, “Way Down We Go”, “Saint Violet”, and “Alone.” These songs are also available on Soundcloud, as well as the acoustic version of “Peaches.” 

Their unique name is meant to portray the band as a sort of melting pot of music; “You hear a name and you have no idea what kind of music it will be” says Alex. Like the writing process and overall function of the band, the formation of the name was just as unorthodox. The group members thought it would be cool to have a band name that was an actual name, which is how Scarlet Demore came about. And the rest was history. When asked to describe their band in three words, “Sexy, anxious, and versatile” were the terms used. Ashton also suggested, “The Melting Pot”, while Cat said that their music is “all over the place.” This makes perfect sense when thinking about the genres of the actual music. Scarlet Demore is a surprisingly catchy blend of the 80s, rock, indie, and hardcore punk music. 

The group members all agreed that their favorite part of being in a band is doing concerts and going on tours. Unfortunately, the global pandemic forced them to adjust their goals and expectations for the future of their band. But although Covid-19 has certainly impacted them, it hasn’t stopped them from creating music. This summer, Scarlet Demore has a new version of “Peaches” coming out, in addition to a whole album. For fans and people just starting to listen to Scarlet Demore, this is great news to stay tuned for. 

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