She sits outside the window (a poem)

Tuesday, February 02

By Samantha Webb

She sits outside the window

She said she would return in red

Sit on the doorstep,

With frost on her beak,

And watch from outside the window,

As their lives move on around her,

But never without.


She comes to see me each morning,

Her heart crimson,

We exchange a smile,

From either side of the window.

I promise to look after her grandson,

She thanks me from the other side.


She makes it clear that she’s still here,

I fill the water bowl,

Put out her favourite food,

Just so she can stay

a little while longer,

I don’t think he’s ready to lose her yet.


She sees her families lives grow busy,

But they still watch,

outside the glass.

He wipes his eyes,

Sometimes a sign is not enough,

So she comes to the window more often.


She asks me to protect him dearly,

be the safety net he lost,

I make a vow,

To follow in her footsteps.

So we look outside the kitchen window,

And she smiles back in red.



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