Should Cancel Culture Cancel Itself?

Friday, February 12

By Sophie Maria Kibinian

Should Cancel Culture Cancel itself?

We are living in a fast pace world, everyone and everything is rapidly evolving, giving little or no place for mistakes. However, how fast should we “cancel” someone, and is “cancel culture” really letting us evolve?

We are quick to judge, to say what’s on our minds, quickly disagree and call out others. Our modern day, “influencers” should make really attention to every word they say, every move they make, every brand they support, every content they create. We tend to forget that these people are human, that these people are far from being perfect, and are capable, just like us, to make any brutal mistake.

Now, one thing that the Generation Z is franticly good at, is bringing up old receipts, laps, and mistakes of these influencers, it makes society exist on the faults of the past, but also offers no solution for a better future. I’m totally for, canceling someone for doing anything barbarous or inappropriate, but if the mistake is tolerable or even a result of ignorance, shouldn’t we at least give them a chance? Give them space to accept and acknowledge their mistakes? After all, being in the public eye is an extremely stressful job. “Cancel Culture” has created a society of distrust, suspicion and paranoia, where everything you say or make will be held against you.

Any mistake could get you “canceled” today, and we should constantly remind ourselves that, everyone is human, everyone is capable of making mistakes, whether they’re harsh or lenient, we should create a safe and blooming environment for everyone to evolve. I personally believe that “Cancel Culture” is not a beneficial added value to our society, it is a toxic trend that we have created, we should be more forgiving and accepting towards others.

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