Question; Is Simone Biles a quitter or a hero? Answer: Both

Thursday, July 29

By Lisa Porter

I don't know what is more surprising, the fact that a young Olympian champion quitting garnered so much rage and hate or the fact that people think she is setting a bad example for kids for doing so.

Is mental health being used as a scapegoat for so many things these days that if someone has something negative to say about the person who did what they did because of their mental state, that they are the ones in the wrong? Because, how dare someone bash someone dealing with a mental illness? Maybe that's a topic for another day.

Simone Biles is admirable for sure. To be as young as she is and to have achieved as much success as she has is no doubt, amazing and she is definitely someone kids should look up to.  Taking time off for your mental health is so important, and I applaud anyone who has the foresight to make that decision no matter what you are doing in life. 

When I read articles talking about some of the things she has said in interviews about her success, about never giving up and the pressure she feels, I couldn't help but think that perhaps she put all of this pressure on herself. She was the one saying no one was going to beat her, and she was the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) Having confidence like that is great, but is it self sabotage?

Did she quit because she couldn't live up to the expectation she had set on herself? And did she use her mental health, (she said in a interview she had battled with depression in the past but then her sister spoke out saying that was the first she was hearing of it) as a get out a jail free card?

She is no stranger to mistakes and mishaps during performing. She has fallen during the World Championships and got right back up and continued and won gold. The fact that after this one small misshap, one that probably wouldn't have cost her the gold, she quit, no doubt leaving her team playing for second prize is astounding. In case you missed it, during her first exercise called 'The Vault' she was supposed to do 2 1/2 half twists following a roundoff back handspring but instead she did one 1/2 twist.  

Should she have continued and finished regardless of her mistake? That's the big question which of course has sparked a lot of debate. People are probably thinking she could've taken all the time off in the world when this was done, after she led her team to the gold. 

So, is she a quitter or a hero? Why can't she be both.

I don't think being called a quitter is necessarily a bad thing.  I mean if we put it in this way; Simone Biles quit doing what was expected of her and for once put her health first then, being a quitter is a good thing.

And hero? For sure.  She is not showing kids it is OK to quit, she is showing them it is OK and necessary to listen to your gut and do what is right for you and your health and well being.

People have gone so far as to say she let down America and that could not be further from the truth. We really do need to stop with the dramatics.

People tend to think so black and white when really, there are so many different shades between what people can be and do. 

How about we try a shade of compassion or a shade of positivity or a shade of who cares what other people do with their lives?


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