Social Distancing: Is It Really That Bad?

Thursday, April 02

By Laura Stevanović

We're all stuck in this new world of social distancing. Many of us are mad about it. However, looking at this situation with a more positive mindset can make the biggest difference. No matter how many bad things it brings there are always positive things to focus on to benefit from this situation.

1.) Clear mind

This is the oppurtunity for your mindset to get clear and focused and that is what happend to me during this time.

The first thing that I noticed since the social distancing has begun is the blossoming of myself, equally internally andd externally

It's really interesting how many things I've been thinking about now that I've never been able to discuss before just because I am not able to go outside anymore

And the reason for that is- many things that have bothered you before, are now really not important. People that you thought are really important in your life- they really aren't because as you can see they aren't with you or you can see them for who they really are.

2.) Organization!

Due to the time that we have on our hands now it's a really good opportunity to get your things straight.

And I mean that from your phone, your closet, your documents, and even cleaning your makeup brushes and shoes.

It's really the small things that make you feel more clean and give you the will to go further.

3.) Socializing

I get it, some people are really interactive and they need to be socializing in person, but if you stop focusing on the bad side, you can see that the good side is even more dominant.

I would say that since the social distancing has begun I have started to have more quality talks instead of just chit-chats that I would usually have with people

In this time, you really see who are the people that actually care about you and want to hear from you, so keep that in mind when someone "special" might  pop up on your phone or in front of you when this ends.

4.) Planing things 

My birthday is in June and honestly, Ii'm quite nervous. However, there will be so much happening at that time so quarantine is giving me a blessing because I have plenty of needed time that I probably won't be able to get when the school is back on.

So I am really happy that we got a this time to rethink life, what are we doing, how and if we want to continue the way we are now or will we grow up and make ourselves proud.

We are entering the quarantine as seeds and when leaving it, our bodies and mind will be in full bloom.🌺

Enjoy what each time has to offer for you and stop just looking at the bad sides of it or else it might mask the blessing.

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