Stop being poor

Sunday, May 23

By Paloma Doti

Are you depressed? Don't be sad anymore!
Are you bored? Have fun!
Are you lonely? Get a partner!
Are you sick? Get well! 

Are you poor? 
Get a job!

I am so grateful to the world for being surrounded by brilliant minds. At last people have found the solutions to humanity's problems. And they finally found the solution to poverty, not even the UN could do this! What exceptional beings, why didn't I think of this before? If I am poor, I have to work so I have money and I stop being poor. 
But, if the solution is so simple, why are there still poor people? 
Easy: Because they are all lazy. Of course there is unemployment, economic crises, and inequality of opportunities related to education, health, gender and related to the ethnicity of people, but that does not justify being lazy. 
Have they never seen the pinterest posters that say "If you can dream it, you can make it"?
Have they ever heard that Mark Zuckenberg created Facebook in a college dorm room with a friend? 
He created an internationally known social network and started from scratch (not counting that he was born in New York, in a first world country, with a dentist mother and a psychiatrist father with a good salary, and not counting that he went to a private school where they encouraged his skills in science, mathematics, astronomy and physics, which allowed him to go to Harvard, an ivy-league university worth thousands and thousands of dollars).
He could dream it, and he could do it! And the poor people can do it too. Yes, they are poor, but not because of money, but in soul.  I think we should feel sorry for them, but not because they don't eat at night, or because they sleep in the street in the cold winters, or because they have no shelter or hygiene, but because they don't have the capacity to dream and to enjoy hard work. They steal around, collect cardboard, sell on the streets, but you will never see them in an office with heat and free coffee working five hours a day. That's hard work. 
My dad worked 18-hour days in a factory and thanks to him I had food on my plate every night. We were never rich, never poor. We had enough. He was born into a middle-class family and maintained that. He probably should have worked more, about 32 hours a day, and then we would have been rich. But only a few dare to make those sacrifices and those are the millionaires. I admire them, they all started in the basements of their mansions with their ivy-league buddies, working day and night.                                                                
What I would do to solve the problem of homelessness, would be to force everyone to watch the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, in which a poor man and his son lose everything, but with work, they get the American dream. It's great because despite being a black man, poor, isolated by the system and homeless, he goes to wall street, and those generous and charitable millionaires who care so much when someone needs help, (because that's what their business is all about), they hire him.  And when he becomes one of them, he achieves happiness.                                                                                      
They always say that with hunger they can't think, they say that they live in third world countries or in wars, they complain that they are discriminated immigrants or that they have to sleep on the freezing floor in the winter. Enough excuses. Use all that time you complain to find solutions. I don't understand why it is so hard for poor people to solve their problems. Are they that lazy? If you are hungry, just ring the bell and call the butler.

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